Tender Services


The Tenders Notification Service sends tender notices according to each member's individual filter settings.

In an ideal world, all tenders would be very accurately categorised and tenders notification would be a straight-forward affair of just matching document types, regions and CPV codes.

In reality, not all tenders are supplied with very accurate CPV codes. Whilst Bold-E encourages accurate classification of tenders by offering the CPV Code Finder, there will always be some tenders categorised by more general rather than specific CPV codes.

As a safety net, to catch relevant tenders not matched on CPV codes, the Tenders Notification Service also matches on supplied keywords (words or phrases). As with search engines (like Google), keywords must be quite specific to be useful. A keyword that is too general might match lots of inappropriate tenders.

You may select as many keywords as required in your filter settings.

Your choice of keywords does not affect the price of this service.